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and while this may seem to be a great variation in one charge, the variations in each separate ingot were less than in the Swedish steel. The average variation between the top and bottom of a Steelton ingot was .07 per cent. A true comparison is not between one ingot of crucible steel and a heat of open-hearth metal. The question is whether the irregularities are greater in ten tons of crucible steel than in ten tons of open-hearth. Much depends upon the care with which the stock is selected, but Table V-D gives analyses of different bars of one lot of crucible steel, sold under one mark and of uniform size by one of the leading firms in the United States; it will be evident that uniformity can, by no means, be assumed.
Variations in One Lot of Crucible Steel.
tl a W <M 0 d fe	Composition, per cent.			
	Carbon by color.	P	Mn	S
s	.85 .85 1.05 .98 .90	.018 .011 .010 .018 und.	.20 .20 .17 .21 .28	018 014 010 .012 .010